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From here we will be providing direct links to Forms and Documents that may need to filled out by both parties to secure a Safe and Satisfying Venture for everyone.


Some Up Front Advertising:

Since this is my website and I do own another website, an eCommerce venture running on ZenCart, heavily modified with a complete, operational Point Of Sale System using POS25 Scripts integrated and sharing the same Database.


If you visit my other website and wish to make a comment, please use that websites Contact Us Form so we can better track any issues when they happen.


The Yellow Sub Smoke Shop - A Small Simple Neighborhood Style Smoke Shop -   


Forms & Documents


Here will be a list of forms to be downloaded, filled in and returned by the seller, you will be told what forms during our first meeting and of any others if needed.

Form #1 This may be a form to fill out and return
Form #2
This may be another form to fill out and return
Questions & Answers


We will be adding Questions and Answers here as they come up.


Question: How did you come up with this idea?


Answer: It all started in early 2017 after I moved into a small apartment and needed to downsize. I moved as much as I could into my new apartment but had to put a lot of my stuff in storage.


I rented a larger than I needed storage unit with easy access to my new and old place and to the highway.


As I moved stuff into storage I took pictures and created files for future use and as an inventory for any insurance if needed.


After getting settled into my new place I started to list my storage items on OfferUp, LetGo and Facebook Market with great success selling about 50% of everything within 2 months and almost everything else in just under 6 months.


Even with the cost of the storage unit and other expenses I still made enough to pay some bills and catch up on a few things.


This got me to thinking about all the people who for whatever reason have a bunch of stuff they would like to get rid of, don't want to deal with having a yard sale and just don't have the time so this is what I came up with.


Do You Take The Pictures?


Answer: Yes we do take all our own pictures and have a very basic/simple Portable Photo Studio that we can bring with us and will take 1 to 5 Pictures (7 for Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles).


We are not professional photographers, Both parties must agree on the images to post before any image is used, others will be sent to trash or recycle.


We don't alter or manipulate any images other than naming, re-sizing or blocking/blurring to protect identity if requested.


We use a Sony Cybershot Digital Camera for quality photos.


We may be adding YouTube Videos in the future


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